Wolfram Summer Camp for
High-School Students

The Wolfram Summer Camp is an intensive
12-day program geared toward advanced science, technology and entrepreneurial
precollege students. Through projects and lectures, students will use the Wolfram Language to learn how to apply computational thinking skills. The camp combines hands-on training with Wolfram Research employees and instructors, peer collaboration, expert speakers on topics of interest and individual exploration in an interactive and engaging environment. Each student is expected to conceptualize and develop an innovative project, guided by a mentor. Homework and individual projects will be assigned based on programming skill and subject interest.

General Daily Routine

  1. 8:15–8:45am : Breakfast
  2. 9–10:30am : Mathematica Class
  3. 10:30am–12:45pm : Project Time
  4. 1–1:45pm : Lunch
  5. 2–3pm : Afternoon Session
  6. 3:10–4:45pm : Project Time
  7. 4:45–5:45pm : Group Activity
  8. 5:45–6:30pm : Dinner Time
  9. 6:30–8pm : Guest Speaker
  10. 8–10pm : Free Time/Work Time

Before the Summer Camp

  • Students are given a homework assignment

Week One

  • Get-to-know-you activities
  • Discuss potential projects
  • Mentor pairing and project selection with Stephen Wolfram
  • Technology concept and application lectures
  • Guided and solo project time
  • Field trip in the Boston area

Week Two

  • Guided and solo project time
  • Technology concept and application lectures
  • Guest lectures
  • Gadget night
  • Presentation preparation
  • Final student presentation