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Wolfram High School
Summer Research Program

Formerly known as the Wolfram High School Summer Camp

Bentley University, Boston, MA June 25–July 13, 2024

Wolfram High School Summer Research Program

A project-based research opportunity for motivated high-school students to move beyond the cutting edge of computational thinking and artificial intelligence.

We are committed to enabling motivated students, regardless of background or resources, with need-based scholarships available.


The Wolfram High School Summer Research Program is an intensive two-week program designed to advance high-school students' programming and problem-solving skills. Through a curriculum of active-learning activities, hands-on workshops and lectures, students explore the power of modern computation and deep dive into STEM fields while gaining mastery of Wolfram Language, computational thinking and research skills.

Under the guidance of expert mentors, students research and implement solutions to cutting-edge problems selected in collaboration with Stephen Wolfram. Projects are novel contributions to the field and are personalized to the students' interests and skill sets. Each student writes a computational essay and an interactive research paper and publishes their work at the end of the program. Successful projects can be submitted to STEM competitions, turned into academic papers or presented at the Wolfram Technology Conference.

This program was brilliant for research, and I got to meet so many great, qualified people here at Wolfram. From selecting my project topic with Stephen Wolfram to talking with my mentor about technical concepts and my college trajectory, I gained so much knowledge from this program.

Hyunjae Chung

This was not only an academically enriching experience but also an introduction to an incredibly bright community of dedicated, driven and kind people. Perhaps even more important than the practical skills gained and excellent work that each student came away with from their projects, this program was an opportunity to connect like-minded and truly passionate students and experts from around the world and develop lasting connections.

Victor Zhou

I'm so glad I was given this experience. I now know that it's very possible to explore on your own and make your own projects. We were given the opportunity to talk with so many knowledgeable people who answered so many of our questions, no matter how technical or philosophical.

Arianna Cao

After the summer, successful students enter our ecosystem of education opportunities. This may include doing an advanced project at the Wolfram Emerging Leaders Program, joining our teaching team, connecting with professional mentors or engaging with fundamental physics and metamathematics research at the Wolfram Institute. Particularly successful students are invited to complete internships at Wolfram Research.

We are seeking motivated high-school students interested in solutions-driven research and creating innovative technology. As we are committed to enabling ambitious students, regardless of background or resources, we provide needs-based scholarships and offer a pre-programming workshop for students with limited coding experience.

Projects From the Wolfram Summer Research Program