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Wolfram High School
Summer Research Program

Formerly known as the Wolfram High School Summer Camp

Bentley University, Boston, MA June 25–July 13, 2024


Student Testimonials

Alexander Do

Coming from a community that isn't immersed in STEM, I had a great experience being able to surround myself with like-minded individuals. It was fascinating to see the extent to which people were passionate about STEM. Everyone was highly supportive of each other's endeavors.

Sajal Shukla

This was the best summer program I have ever been involved in and one of my most meaningful high-school experiences thus far. I went into the program with little to no experience with Wolfram Language and came out of the summer having learned more than I did in some of my previous semester-long computer science courses.

Khushi Gupta

My experience was truly unprecedented. There was so much to learn and the program was extremely well structured. I got consistent help with my project, and the team made sure we created something amazing. I've made so many connections, and, overall, it was one of the best experiences of my life!

John Gerlach

I loved attending this program for the second year in a row! This was an amazing chance to meet new people and work on a fun project. I learned new things and loved hearing about other people's projects as they progressed. I really enjoyed interacting with my mentor group.

Anthony Lee

This program was an experience I will never forget. I was able to experience so much learning, especially because I was assigned a project within my area of interest and working on it for the summer allowed me to gain valuable skill sets that I will need in the future. The different talks and activities made a great balance between intense learning and also less intense learning. I hope to continue to be involved with a lot of computation and future Wolfram programs!

Harini Thiagarajan

To be honest, before I came to this program, I was a bit nervous about completing the final project since I had never done one before. However, the wonderful mentors and the Wolfram team allowed me to step past my limits and grow in the computational field. I am extremely thankful for this experience.

Zoya Brahimzadeh

The program was an amazing experience! I think just being here and surrounded by so many incredibly passionate individuals gave me a lot of motivation to expand my interests. I felt myself learning about so many new things and being exposed to this entire new wall of data science and its intersection with personal interests. The people, experience and talks were all amazing.

Anne Shuai

I had an absolute blast during the Wolfram Summer Research Program! It was an incredible opportunity to connect with exceptional peers and supportive TAs and mentors. Through the program, I was able to accomplish remarkable results using Wolfram Language, creating unforgettable memories and a profound sense of achievement.
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