Jaeho Park

Class of 2017


Jaeho Park is the former vice president of his student council at the Korean Minjok Leadership Academy. As a current senior, his main interests are mathematics and neural engineering. He has received recognition for his passion through various awards, such as winning first place in the World Mathematics Team Championship and a gold medal in the Korea Science and Engineering Fair with his neuroscience research. Furthermore, he is currently conducting an individual research project in mathematics: the probability that (a,b)=p_1^(a_1 ) p_2^(a_2 )⋯p_k^(a_k ). Mathematica has greatly benefited him in conducting this research, as it allows him to approach mathematics with an "experimental" perspective. Outside of academics, he enjoys leading his school orchestra as conductor and participating in basketball games as point guard of his school team.

Project: Visualization of the GCD of Gaussian Integer Pairs