Katarzyna (Kasia) Krzyzanska

Class of 2017


Katarzyna (Kasia) Krzyzanska will be a senior at Nardin Academy in the upcoming school year. At Nardin, she is a journalist for the school's online newspaper, Kaleidoscope, plays flute in the band and is the president of the chess and philosophy clubs. She currently holds a long-term position as an intern at the University at Buffalo's Nanosatellite Lab, where she has the opportunity to contribute to the construction of a nanosatellite that will eventually be launched into low-Earth orbit. At the same university, she has done undergraduate research on the formation of nitrosamines in a post-combustion carbon capture system. Kasia has participated in various Latin competitions, as well as in the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, and is fluent in Polish, which she grew up speaking. In her spare time, she enjoys expanding her book collection and reading, though perhaps she reads a bit too much science fiction.

Project: Exploring Halting Times in Turing Machines