Kaitlyn Wang

Mathematica track

Class of 2016


Kaitlyn Wang is a rising junior at Granada High School in Livermore, California. Although she takes great interest in all her classes, her current favorite subjects are physics and robotics. Kaitlyn is a member of Interact, GetSet (Girls Exploring Technology, Science and Engineering Together) and her school’s pre-med club, which raises awareness and runs fundraisers for various diseases. Outside of school, she can be found playing the violin or knitting, and she has a voracious appetite for books. She hopes to someday pursue a career in STEM, with an interest in energy engineering.

Project: Finding Downtown

My project attempts to find the downtown area of the input city based on Wikipedia articles tagged near the city and the Yelp results for the city. I searched Yelp for the location of hotels, restaurants, museums and other locations that tend to have a higher density in downtown areas. The cluster of points with the highest density was chosen as downtown. The code definitely works better with larger cities, which have much larger ranges of search results available, making the point clusters easier to identify.