Prachi Kishore Sukhnani

Tech Innovation track

Class of 2016


Prachi is a dedicated individual who loves to debate and participate in MUN (THIMUN procedure only!), working up from being a delegate to chairing to becoming the deputy secretary-general for her school's annual conference. In her five-year-long MUN career to date, she hit her tenth conference in May 2016! Originally from India, at two years old she moved to China with her family, a place with a completely different culture and a huge language barrier. Learning languages—she speaks English, Chinese and Spanish—comes as naturally to her as her mother tongue, Hindi. Solving problems is her forte, and becoming an engineer is her goal. In August 2016, she will begin her IB Diploma at Hangzhou International School in Hangzhou, China. She involves herself in robotics and web programming classes, where she has learned how to code in HTML/CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. She has worked with SVGs, Meteor and Phaser, and she aims to teach herself more languages. For physical fitness, Prachi participates actively in her school's volleyball and basketball teams as a player and badminton team as a coach. Apart from that, she is socially active at school by being a member of the Outreach Club and the tech crew (mic control) for the school production of The Little Mermaid, Jr. Armed with her Mars Lumograph pencils and her phone, Prachi is always looking for the next thing to draw or photograph. She is ready to challenge herself beyond her limits to excel at everything she does, whether it be academic or non-academic, and she is a consistent receiver of the honor roll. She looks forward to attending the Wolfram High School Summer Camp this year to meet new people and learn Mathematica from the masters.

Project: The Frequency of Character Occurrence