Jaehyup "James" Song

Tech Innovation track

Class of 2016


James is a rising senior at St. Mary’s High School in Manhasset, New York. Ever since he was young, James has been an avid lover of nature and still pinpoints forests and mountains as his favorite places to visit whenever available. His enthusiasm for wildlife naturally led him to take an acute interest in biology and chemistry, which in turn inspired him to create a solar water generator that he hopes will prove useful in arid regions around the world. When he’s not hiking, jogging, birdwatching or doing something related to all the green Mother Earth has to offer, James becomes a voracious reader who reads about most anything and everything. This habit of his offered him a newfound interest in the powers of storytelling, compelling him to learn multiple languages—both human and non-human! He also enjoys playing chess as well as debating various issues with his closest friends over a cup of coffee.

Project: Work and Efficiency of a Stirling Thermal Engine

This code creates isothermal expansion and compression curves for measuring the work and efficiency of a Stirling thermal engine. Work done is visualized on the graph by a turquoise shade and calculated by taking the difference between the definite integrals of the two curves. The user can also opt to modify its variables to subject the engine to different conditions, such as an increased vessel volume and a change in expansion and compression temperatures over a variety of elements.