Shyam Sai

Mathematica track

Class of 2016


Shyam Sai is a rising junior currently attending the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy after being selected to skip the ninth grade to attend the boarding school at a younger age. A member of his school’s math team for five years now, he is also an avid amateur basketball and soccer player and drummer. Shyam enjoys working with kids, and he can be seen as a leadership counselor at innovation summer camps, a youth soccer referee and an ardent tutor. He can be found at the University of Illinois Chicago’s Electronic Visualization Laboratory researching with JavaScript, D3 and Leaflet or in his dorm room analyzing the Collatz Conjecture using Mathematica. Shyam has placed 11th at the State Geography Bee, and he has had the opportunity to present his research at countless universities, including the National NCSSS Conference in June 2016. He is interested in examining the troves of data in the fields of outer space and health, but his enthusiasm currently lies in the field of applied mathematics. Shyam aspires to, one day, perform research for NASA.

Project: Generating City Guidebooks by Utilizing API Data