Srivishnupreeth "Dollar" Rendla

Mathematica track

Class of 2016


Srivishnu "Dollar" is a rising senior from Farmington, New Mexico. Independent and (only slightly) eccentric in thought, he self-taught advanced topics, from complex analysis to quantum mechanics. He intends to study modern physics and mathematics deeply in pursuit of developing grand theories and elaborate methods in fields such as information physics and complexity and unification theories. He hopes to work toward "the theory of everything." When not occupied (or exhausted) by physics, Dollar can usually be seen watching the news or movies or listening to music. He truly does have excellent taste in music. He is a thorough fan of intelligent humor and philosophical discussions. He intends to form a research and technology company in the future, which has been a dream of his since his childhood.

Project 1: Schrödinger Wavefunctions in a Continuously Varying Potential

Project 2: Quantum Particle in a Multi-step Potential Well