Kishan Patel

Mathematica track

Class of 2016


Kishan Patel is an ambitious junior at American Heritage School in the graduating class of 2018. He has had a passion for computers from a very young age, as well as an interest in mathematics beginning in eighth grade. Being a very academically driven student, he constantly challenges himself in different ways. He goes above and beyond his expectations and actively seeks opportunities in the fields of mathematics and computer sciences. As a science research project, Kishan developed an algorithm solely written in Java to generate solutions to binary matrices given row and column sums. Every two weeks starting in January, he competes in regional and statewide competitions for Mu Alpha Theta as a part of his school's math team. He finds inspiration in leaders in the computer science field such as Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten.

Project: Hadamard Matrices