Bhagirath Mehta

Mathematica track

Class of 2016


Bhagirath Mehta is a rising junior at Maine West High School. He is cofounder and president of the 3D Innovations Club and president of the Scholastic Bowl team. He is chairman of the Maine West Warrior Summer Reading Club. He is a member of the Principal Leadership Team and Pi Sigma Pi. He is also the copy editor and editor of online media for his school newspaper, the Westerner. He is passionate about solving math problems. Last summer, he won first place internationally in the Math Kangaroo Challenge and was invited to a math summer camp in Poland. In his free time, he loves playing piano and violin.

Project: Quadratic Residue Acoustic Diffuser Modeling

This demonstration is a visualization of sound diffusing off a quadratic residue acoustic diffuser. Sound waves are represented by points emanating from a single source, and the demonstration shows how sound will bounce off of the diffuser. Quadratic residue acoustic diffusers are created by using depths, rows and columns based on the quadratic residues of different prime numbers. The larger the prime number used, the better the diffusion of sound.