Cindy Luo

Mathematica track

Class of 2016


Cindy Luo is a rising junior at Columbia Prep School in New York. She is interested in all the subjects that she learns in school, especially math. Since she learned Mathematica in school, she likes coding and discussing functions with others. She has other interests as well, such as piano, cello, singing and sports. She is active in several music clubs and classes in school. With her organizing and analyzing skills, she wants to pursue her passion of studying medical science. She is looking forward to going to the Wolfram Summer Camp in order to learn more fun stuff with math.

Project: 3D Images of Nearby Stars

This 3D image generator will first create a 3D figure of the nearby stars. It will show the whole view of the part of space that is near Earth. You can zoom in and zoom out of the 3D figure. Then if you click one star, it will give back two maps. The first map will show the whole view of the nearby stars for the chosen star. That means it will show you the pattern of stars you would see if you were standing on that star. Then the second map will show the coordinates of the nearby stars. When the "Click" button is on, it allows you to click one star, and it will give back two maps for that chosen star. But when the "Click" button isn't on, you can only select the star from the "star" dropdown menu.