Eduard Mihranyan

Mathematica Summer Camp

Class of 2014


My name is Eduard Mihranyan. I am from Armenia and this year I am graduating from Ayb High School in Yerevan. My favorite subject is math. I participated in many math competitions and olympiads. In 2013 I participated in the International Mathematical Olympiad and received an honorable mention. I plan to continue studying at the National Research University—Higher School of Economics in Moscow. I spend my free time listening to music, playing guitar, and singing. I also like watching movies.

Project: Coulomb's Law for Three Charges

Charges 1 and 2 are fixed in place. Subscript[F, 13 ] is the force of charge 1 on charge 3, and Subscript[F, 23 ] is the force of charge 2 on charge 3. The blue point shows the place where the two forces are balanced.