Richard Miao

Mathematica Summer Camp

Class of 2013


Richard is an 11th grade high school student as of 2013. Although indifferent toward scientific matters in his childhood, he became enchanted with math and science in his teenage years due to a series of observations and realizations. He is especially interested in physics, which he intends to pursue in his future careers. Richard is clinically diagnosed with an incurable addiction to the book series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a literal drug viewed by some of its victims as a gateway to clearer perception of life, the Universe, and everything. He is somewhat less, but still heavily, addicted to classical music; among his favorite works are Beethoven's fifth, seventh, and ninth symphonies as well as Vivaldi’s violin concerto in A minor. His favorite color is cerulean blue. He also enjoys reading and occasionally writing works of literature. In addition, Richard often distracts and saves himself from school work and obsessive book and music immersions through video games, mainly open-world, on his laptop. It is necessary to mention that he frequently makes illogical decisions, such as constructing a large slew of words consisting of random personal details as his math camp biography, so that virtually no one would bother to read it, thus causing most readers' perception of him to be based entirely upon his profile picture and the length of his autobiography.

Project: Midi Synthesization and Visualization Using Keyboard Input

The goal of this small project was to simulate an easy-to-use music keyboard using only the mouse or trackpad of a computer. Users can simply click interactive keys to play consecutive notes of the middle C octave on a piano, or any other 127 instruments (yes, that's ONE HUNDRED TWENTY EIGHT). The notes played would also be recorded on an unlimited music staff. The color of the keys can be changed for decorative effects.