Logan Howard

Mathematica Summer Camp

Class of 2013


Logan is from the suburbs of the South Bay near San Francisco and will be a sophomore in high school this fall. He enjoys learning math and Chinese, but his true passion is for computer science and AI. Logan is an active member of his school's FRC robotics team and Homebrew Robotics, as well as a founder of his school's math club. When he isn't on his computer, you can find him huddled in a corner with a good book.

Project: Unexpected Patterns in 1D Cellular Automata on 6 Colors

This Demonstration lets you explore unexpected patterns in specific 1D cellular automata on six colors. At first glance, a cellular automaton may appear chaotic; however, another coloring of the automaton may reveal an underlying pattern.

These specific cellular automata were found by analyzing the spikes in the plots on the second pane and looking at the slope of the red line. Large spikes in the data mark when the number of cells in a row goes from a lot of that color to almost none at the end of a large triangle.