Humberto Munoz Bauza

Mathematica Summer Camp

Class of 2013


My name is Humberto Munoz Bauza and I currently attend The Science Academy of South Texas in Mercedes, Texas. I have moderate knowledge of computer programming and, as of writing this, my mathematical background consists of multivariable calculus, statistics, linear algebra, and differential equations, as well as some exposure to mathematical physics, real analysis, topology, and intermediate physics. I have a strong interest in pure mathematics and physics and their rich (or so I feel) border, which I spend most of my time outside of school studying independently. But aside from all of that, I do enjoy reading non-fiction, going to the movies, browsing the internet, and watching Doctor Who.

Project: Wavefunction and Probability Density of a Coupled Quantum Harmonic Oscillator

This Demonstration models a quantum system called a coupled quantum harmonic oscillator, plotting the wavefunction and probability density of the displacements of two particles as if they were connected by a spring to a wall and to each other.