Coleman Hammer-Tomizuka

Mathematica Summer Camp

Class of 2012


I'm from Tucson, Arizona, but I want to move somewhere else. My goal at this point in life, besides worrying about college, is finding out what I want to do in life. In school, I'm good at most everything I attempt, especially math and all the sciences that I've studied so far. But school isn't representative of life and career, and I'm still very unsure of what I'd be happy doing as a job for the rest of my life.

Project: Dynamically Updated Probabilistic Galton Board

A Galton board has a hexagonal array of pegs on a tilted board with slots at the bottom. A ball rolls down the board, bouncing on the pegs until it falls into a slot. The outcome of each contact between the ball and pegs is random; thus, the probability that it will end in a particular slot is modeled by a binomial distribution. As the ball falls, the distribution of the ball's final slot is updated in real time, decaying to a point mass as the ball's final position becomes definite. You can change the speed; the maximum speed makes the ball jump instantly from one row of pegs to the next.