We are looking for bright, engaged high-school students who have a background in any STEM subject. Students do not need to be star coders but do need to be willing to learn. Root skills like problem solving, creative thinking, critical thinking and logic are more important than being able to code in a specific language.

We look for students who are mature enough to live in a young community for two weeks, working alongside a diverse group of other students. Students need to be self starters and independent workers, as well as ready to engage in a very intense academic program.

The Wolfram High School Summer Camp admits approximately 45 students each year. We accept international students. All students must be under 18 at the end of the Summer Camp. The admissions team does not discriminate on the basis of gender, gender identity, race, color, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

The Application Process

The application period begins in November. The first step is to fill out the application form, which goes live at the start of the application period. The form asks you for your personal details, your qualifications, examples of previous projects, etc.

You will then be asked to complete a coding challenge within 14 days of submitting your application.

If you pass the challenges, then you will be asked to have an interview with our staff. Interviews are remote video calls where you will be asked to expand on your coding challenge answers and your application.

Students who are successful with their application will be invited to join the Summer Camp cohort.


The Summer Camp 2020 cost is $2350.00 and includes housing, meals, field trips and tuition.

Assistance may be available for students with demonstrable financial need. Students apply for financial assistance after acceptance into our program, and students who require financial aid are encouraged to apply. We hope that financial concerns do not deter anyone from applying to join the program.

International Student Visas

Students will need to complete visa applications on their own. You may reach out to our senior immigration counsel at with any questions regarding your travel to the US.

A visitor B visa or the Visa Waiver Program (for those from qualifying countries) may be used, and Wolfram Research will provide a "letter of invitation" to explain the purpose of travel. You may use this letter when you apply for the visitor visa and to show to Customs and Border Protection officers when applying for admission as a visitor upon arrival to the US.

The Wolfram Summer Camp is offered by a private organization and is not an academic school. As such, you are not coming to the US as a "student" but are actually attending an academic enrichment program that qualifies for a visitor visa, so please keep this in mind when you go through immigration and customs upon arrival.

For those utilizing the Visa Waiver Program to travel to the US as a business visitor, please ensure you have a valid approval for ESTA that will cover your period of stay.