Pre-camp Workshop

The workshop is an intensive four-day program designed to prepare students for the High School Summer Camp. Designed specifically for younger and less experienced students to gain confidence and Wolfram Language skills, the workshop is a great opportunity to prepare for camp. Through activities lead by Wolfram instructors, students work through An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language in a fun, dynamic context.

The workshop combines hands-on training lead by Wolfram instructors, peer collaboration and individual exploration in an interactive and engaging environment. We focus on ensuring that all students are prepared for the rigor of the High School Summer Camp.

We are looking for motivated students who feel that they need extra support to be ready for the High School Summer Camp and who want to put in the work to quickly develop proficiency in Wolfram Language. Students who have studied computer science or learned a different programming language would not benefit from the pre-camp workshop.

Food and accommodation during the pre-camp workshop costs $450. Financial aid is available.