Our faculty is carefully selected from Wolfram Research employees and highly accomplished external experts. We choose our faculty for their strong subject knowledge, their experience with students and their real-world work in science and technology.


Rory Foulger

Camp Director

Rory joined Wolfram in 2019 as the Instructional Designer and Technologist. Rory graduated as part of the first graduating class at Minerva Schools, where they studied computational sciences alongside a broad, problem-based curriculum. Rory is passionate about education and youth justice, as well as decision science, problem solving and technology.

Stephen Schroeder

Academic Director

Stephen enjoys applying computational thinking to Earth and planetary systems, and his background in geostatistics and reactive transport geochemistry has led to several climate-modeling projects in Canada and Germany. He attended the Wolfram Summer School in 2019 and joined Wolfram Research that year as a developer. In his free time, Stephen enjoys listening to podcasts and cooking and is a dedicated distance runner and rock climber.

Carol Cronin

Admissions Director

Carol Cronin joined Wolfram in 1996 and leads the program administration for educational initiatives, including Wolfram Sponsorships, the Wolfram Foundation and the Wolfram Summer Programs. She attended Eastern Illinois University and has six kids. She is a court-appointed special advocate and guardian ad litem for foster children in her community, and has served on her school district's Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee.


Aaron Enright


Aaron has been with Wolfram Research since 2004, when he joined as the corporate librarian.  He soon took up coding and joined the nascent Wolfram|Alpha project, where he's been ever since. Aaron's professional interests lie in the areas of web scraping, data manipulation and cleaning, and information access and representation. His background includes earning a BA in English and an MS in library and information science, bookselling, and being a truck driver and a seminarian for brief stints (though not at the same time). Aaron calls Madison, Wisconsin, home.

Arben Kalziqi


Arben joined Wolfram in 2019 with a special focus on education, working with partners to integrate Wolfram technology into educational products and spaces. He holds a PhD in physics from Georgia Tech and has over a decade of teaching experience both as a teaching assistant and as a private tutor. Arben greatly enjoys helping inquisitive students reach their goals and thinks that the Wolfram Language is an incredible tool toward that end.

Eryn Gillam


Eryn is a recent materials science and engineering graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She had been using the Wolfram Language since 2018, as an instructor, student and intern at Wolfram. This is her third time as a mentor for the Wolfram High School Summer Camp. In her free time, she's active with community theater and enjoys baking family recipes.

Kevin Reiss


Kevin is an undergraduate studying physics at Boston University. He began an internship at Wolfram in January 2021. He is interested in nonlinear dynamical systems and anything that can be solved in the Wolfram Language (i.e. everything). He enjoys playing low brass instruments and is a tuba player in the BU Marching Band.

Mark Greenberg


Mark Greenberg is originally from California and attended university in Arizona, where he now lives. He holds an undergraduate degree in English and a master's in educational technology. He taught high-school math and English for over 20 years in the Phoenix area. His design and use of computer games for learning propelled him to leadership roles in the use of technology in the classroom. The Wolfram Language has been his tool of choice and his passion for the better part of a decade. He is now retired, coding and making fractals in sunny Arizona.

Matthew Thomas


Matthew is a current PhD candidate and a Wolfram Student Ambassador at Northwestern University. He has a bachelor's degree in mathematics as well as a master's in economics. He enjoys cooking, gardening and building projects.

Megan Davis


Megan joined Wolfram in May of 2019 as a Technologist after completing her MS in mathematics at DePaul University. She now works at Wolfram|Alpha in the Design Analysis group as a Junior Software Engineer. In addition to studying mathematics, Megan is a professional dancer based in Chicago, Illinois. She enjoys dabbling in various areas of analysis and computer science and likes finding unique ways to integrate the two together with her dance background.

Peter Barendse


Peter attended the University of Vermont and received his PhD in mathematics from Boston University in 2010, and he has taught at several top Boston-area universities, as well as community colleges, community centers and a prison. The topic of his dissertation was in the combinatorial logic of infinities, but his scholarly and teaching interests include Mathematica, dynamical systems, theoretical computer science, physics, philosophy and economics. Besides these, he enjoys playing sports, making music, debating, watching and making movies, traveling, and creating and destroying stuff.

Zach Shelton


Zach is a working at Wolfram as a Technical Outreach Intern, and he is studying at the Florida Institute of Technology full time to earn a master's in physics. During his undergraduate career, he had the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment in the Large Hadron Collider upgrade installed in 2019. His passion for physics is matched by his passion for science education; science is meant to be taught and passed along. Zach is working to help pass the joy in physics and science on to others.

Teaching Assistants

Simeon Buttery

Lead Teaching Assistant

Simeon Buttery is a student at Torrey Pines High School. There, he is the president of a club called CT@TP, wherein he uses the Wolfram Language to create and run activities as well as learn new ways to approach problems. Simeon was introduced to Wolfram at the 2019 Wolfram High School Summer Camp as a student, and he returned for the 2020 Wolfram High School Summer Camp as a Teaching Assistant. He enjoys pushing the limits of the Wolfram Language, as well as doing archery and engineering projects on the weekends.

Anika Patel

Teaching Assistant

Anika participated in the 2020 Wolfram High School Summer Camp and was subsequently selected for the 2020 Wolfram Emerging Leaders Program. She has experience with geographical, linguistic and math-heavy projects in the Wolfram Language, Python and C#. Anika is a junior at the Loudoun Academy of Science, where she is currently researching the creation of a partial exoskeleton to assist knee rehabilitation. In her free time, she loves to play the violin, do Taekwondo and play video games.

Anwesha Das

Teaching Assistant

Anwesha is a high-school student from Kanpur, India. She's interested in mathematics and cognitive science. Outside of school, she's involved in scientific research and interns at two labs year round. Anwesha attended the Wolfram High School Summer Camp in 2019, was a part of the Wolfram Emerging Leaders Program in 2019 and is currently a Wolfram Student Ambassador. She also presented her research at the 2020 Wolfram Virtual Technology Conference. In her free time, Anwesha hosts a science podcast, reads medical/ psychological thrillers and enjoys painting murals.

Aryan Deshpande

Teaching Assistant

Aryan loves computer science and math. He has been a part of the Wolfram Ambassador Program since November 2019, where he worked on a project with his mentor (Fez) to find words correlated with math concepts using scraped data from arXiv. He attended the Wolfram High School Summer Camp in 2019, where he worked on creating a common word list for the Marathi language using Wikipedia.

Emma Yang

Teaching Assistant

Emma has been a mentee of the Wolfram Mentorships Program since 2016, is a proud alumna of the 2017 Wolfram High School Summer Camp and was a TA at the 2019 and 2020 camps. She is madly fascinated with computer science, artificial intelligence, history and classics. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, knitting, doing film photography and reading science and historical fiction.

Drake Hayes

Teaching Assistant

Drake is from Crawfordsville, Indiana. He attended the Wolfram High School Summer Camp and the Emerging Leaders Program in 2019. Currently, he is a freshman at Wabash College and a member of the fraternity Phi Gamma Delta. He is planning on majoring in math and computer science with the goal of becoming a math professor. He is also involved in track and cross country.

Noemi Chulo

Teaching Assistant

Noemi is a high-school student from San Rafael High and a graduate of the 2020 Wolfram High School Summer Camp and the 2020 Wolfram Emerging Leaders Program. She is deeply invested in STEM and in equity, and she is interested in the use of data science and computer modeling to redefine social science. She hopes to major in computer science and pursue a minor in pure mathematics. In her free time, she is a visual artist and an amateur chef.

Quinn McIntyre

Teaching Assistant

Quinn McIntyre is a student at Stanford Online High School. He attended the Wolfram High School Summer Camp in 2020 and is a Junior Research Affiliate for the Wolfram Physics Project. He is primarily interested in mathematics and theoretical physics. Within the Wolfram Physics Project, he studies continuum states of hypergraphs generated by network substitution systems. Outside of academics, he plays guitar and classical piano.

Sheldon Rego

Teaching Assistant

Sheldon is a high-school student from India. He attended the Wolfram High School Summer Camp and the Emerging Leaders Program in 2020. He enjoys studying physics and computer science and their applications to each other. Sheldon has also been a competitive speedcuber since 2016 and runs the cube club at his high school.