Our faculty is carefully selected from Wolfram Research employees and highly accomplished external experts. We choose our faculty for their strong subject knowledge, their experience with students and their real-world work in science and technology.

Directors and Support Staff

Rory Foulger

Camp Director

Rory joined Wolfram in 2019 as the Instructional Designer and Technologist. Rory recently graduated as part of the first graduating class at Minerva Schools, where they studied computational sciences alongside a broad, problem-based curriculum. Rory is passionate about education and youth justice, as well as decision science, problem solving and technology.

Sylvia Haas

Camp Director

Sylvia graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer science and statistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she was the outreach chair for Women in Computer Science. She joined the Wolfram PR team in 2019. She enjoys data visualizations, recursion, attempting to watch every movie ever made and spending time with her little black cat Jiji.

Jeremy Stratton-Smith

Camp Director

Jeremy joined Wolfram in 2018 as a math content developer for Wolfram|Alpha and has worked primarily on applications of integration and step-by-step solutions. Jeremy holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Middlebury College and worked as a high-school math teacher between graduating and starting at Wolfram. With interests ranging from topology and abstract algebra to gender studies, Jeremy is a strong advocate for equity and access in mathematics education. In their free time, Jeremy likes to travel, cook, read and spend time in nature.

Carol Cronin

Admissions Director

Carol Cronin joined Wolfram in 1996 and leads the program administration for educational initiatives, including Wolfram Sponsorships, the Wolfram Foundation and the Wolfram Summer Programs. She attended Eastern Illinois University and has six kids. She is a court-appointed special advocate and guardian ad litem for foster children in her community, and has served on her school district's Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee.


Megan Davis


Megan joined Wolfram in May of 2019 as a Technologist after completing her MS in mathematics at DePaul University. In addition to studying mathematics, Megan is a professional dancer with companies based in Chicago. She enjoys dabbling in various areas of analysis and computer science and likes finding unique ways to integrate the two together with her dance background.

Jesse Dohmann


Jesse is a technical writer and programmer with a physics background who started working at Wolfram Research in 2017 and has been using Mathematica since 2014. She attended the Wolfram Summer School in 2015 to study probabilistic cellular automata. She uses Python, the Wolfram Language and HTML/CSS to make dynamic webpages for fun and enjoys learning new things. She also likes hiking, cooking and taking naps.

Harshal Gajjar


Harshal Gajjar is a computer science and engineering major at Indian Institute of Technology Dharwad and attended the Wolfram Summer School in 2018. His interests include exploratory programming, image processing, machine learning, algorithms and graph theory. Harshal is also an avid cyclist and is a group Guinness World Record holder. He is a person who can have unending discussions on design, ethics and human behavior.

Eryn Gillam


Eryn, a current student at MIT, was a mentor at the Wolfram High School Summer Camp in 2019. She is in her third year studying materials science and engineering. Eryn is passionate about computational materials science, education and theater, and she spends most of her free time on productions with the MIT Shakespeare ensemble.

Maegan Jennings


Maegan joined Wolfram in 2019 as a Wolfram Student Ambassador for Towson University in Maryland. She is currently in her senior year studying for a bachelor's degree in physics. This summer will be the first time Maegan has visited Massachusetts. She enjoys learning foreign languages, rock climbing, painting and doing astrophysics research with her mentor.

Arben Kalziqi


Arben joined Wolfram in 2019 as the Education Evangelist, working with partners to integrate Wolfram technology into educational products and spaces. He holds a PhD in physics from Georgia Tech and has over a decade of teaching experience as both a teaching assistant and a private tutor. Arben is deeply interested in education that doesn't just depend on a student's ZIP code and spends his free time relaxing with his senior cat, Boo.

Stephen Schroeder


Stephen enjoys applying computational thinking to Earth and planetary systems, and his background in geostatistics and reactive transport geochemistry has led to several climate modeling projects in Canada and Germany. He attended the Wolfram Summer School in 2019 and joined Wolfram Research that year as a developer in Document and Media Systems. In his free time, Stephen hosts a science podcast and is a dedicated distance runner and rock climber.

Faizon Zaman


Fez works full time as a Lexical Programmer at Wolfram|Alpha. He has a BS in cognitive science from SUNY Oswego, with minors in computer science and audio production and design. His work involves music, the computational arts and philosophy of mind. He attended the Wolfram Summer School in 2016 and 2018, where he worked on speaker diarization and custom import/export functions for Twine projects.

Teaching Assistants

Alex Alexandrovskiy

Teaching Assistant

Alex is a rising senior at Phillips Exeter Academy interested in AI, philosophy, meditation and becoming immortal in a humanity-wide simulation. Alex attended the Wolfram High School Summer Camp and took part in the Wolfram Emerging Leaders Program in 2019.

Zhamilya Bilyalova

Teaching Assistant

Zhamilya is a senior at the Princeton International School of Math and Science. She attended the Wolfram Summer School in 2018 and the Wolfram High School Summer Camp in 2019 as a teaching assistant. Besides running a community chapter dedicated to women's health, she enjoys investigating and writing about the unintended consequences of data-centric technologies. In her free time, she organizes digital security and online privacy workshops for teenagers.

Simeon Buttery

Teaching Assistant

Simeon Buttery is a junior at Torrey Pines High School. There, he is the leader of a club called CT@TP wherein he uses the Wolfram Language to run activities and learn new ways to approach problems. Simeon was introduced to Wolfram at the 2019 Wolfram High School Summer Camp. He enjoys pushing the limits of the Wolfram Language, as well as archery on the weekends.

Laney Moy

Teaching Assistant

Laney Moy attended the Wolfram High School Summer Camp in 2019 and is excited to return as a staff member. Laney is graduating in 2020 from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, where she has fostered a love for computer science. In high school, Laney led a team in the Wolfram Emerging Leaders Program, served as a two-year captain of the varsity dance team and worked as a K–12 math instructor at Mathnasium.

Jessica Shi

Teaching Assistant

Jessica attended the Wolfram High School Summer Camp and was part of the Wolfram Emerging Leaders Program in 2019. She will graduate from Jamestown High School this spring and is planning to study computational biology in college next year. She is interested in applications of technology in the medical and environmental fields and likes to play tennis, paint and travel in her free time.


Teaching Assistant

Emma is a rising high-school senior from New York City. Emma has been a mentee of the Wolfram Mentorships Program since 2016, is a proud alumna of the 2017 Wolfram High School Summer Camp and was a TA at the 2019 camp. She is madly fascinated with the intersection of technology, history and health care. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, knitting, film photography and reading science and historical fiction.