Wolfram Summer School

A unique educational and career opportunity. Explore and create projects at the frontiers of science, technology and innovation. Learn how to apply Wolfram's unique approach to creating ideas and turning them into research, products and companies.

Financial aid is available for applicants who complete the application process.

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Help us search for the fundamental theory of physics as part of an advanced research team of mathematicians, physicists and algorithm designers. Master Stephen Wolfram’s A New Kind of Science and emerging ideas from the groundbreaking Wolfram Physics Project to investigate Wolfram models—a new class of discrete spacetime models discovered through explorations of the computational universe.

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Do original research at the frontiers of science. Join a collection of students with a diverse range of scientific backgrounds to learn how to use the Wolfram Language and Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science to implement projects in their fields of interest.

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Technology & Innovation

Create the next big tech innovation with Wolfram technology. Join other entrepreneurial participants to learn hands-on from senior staff at Wolfram how to apply Wolfram's unique approach to creating ideas and turning them into products and companies.

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Educational Innovation

Bring computational thinking to the classroom. Join a collection of individuals who want to make a difference in education. Learn how to develop educational materials and products with the Wolfram Language that will make programming in education accessible to everyone.

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