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19th Annual Wolfram Summer School Online

Wolfram Educational Innovation Track

Educators can use this opportunity to develop education tools using Wolfram technologies. The focus of projects will be to change the way people learn and teach—for example, creating tools for students to use or management platforms for teachers. The lectures in this track will help educators learn how to use what is already available from Wolfram Research, and the staff will be able to share their experience in making educational technologies.

Before the Summer School

  • Students will be provided with self-training tools and exercises in using the Wolfram Language
  • Advisor assigned for each student

Week One

  • Basics of implementing projects with the Wolfram Language (lectures)
  • Personal case studies in innovation
  • Live innovation and coding sessions
  • Mentor pairing and project selection with Stephen Wolfram

Week Two

  • Hands-on, in-depth training on Wolfram Language technology development
  • Lectures and discussions on computational thinking and current strategies
  • Special-topic lectures
  • Ongoing project meetings

Week Three

  • Guided and solo project time
  • Presentation preparation
  • Final student presentation

Wolfram Summer School | Bentley University, MA | June 29–July 17, 2020