Seung Jae (Ryan) Lee

Mathematica Summer Camp

Class of 2013


Seung Jae (Ryan) Lee is a rising Junior from Seoul, Korea, attending St. Mark's School. Ryan is interested in mathematics, physics, and computer science. He studied multivariable calculus and differential equations with video lectures and problem sets, and is currently studying linear algebra. He uses his spare time to add new posts to his website ( One of his lifetime goals is to fully understand the proof of Fermat's last theorem, and he is currently preparing himself with the basics before he steps into the field of elliptic curves.

Project: Balancing a Double Inverted Pendulum in 2d and 3d Space

This Demonstration is an example of control theory. The naturally unstable double inverted pendulum is attached to a movable cart. You can disable the balancing control force to watch the chaotic behavior of the double pendulum, or you can watch the controlling force attempting to balance the pendulum. In this Demonstration, you can:
1. Look at the naturally chaotic behavior of a double inverted pendulum.
2. See how the control force balances the cart.