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Wolfram Summer School


Kurt Swanson

Fundamental Physics Track

Class of 2022


Kurt’s Academic achievements: Drexel University (PhD ABD), Widener University (MSME), University of Connecticut (BSME)

Kurt’s selected publications: “Physics-Based Surface Modeling Using Quasi-Static Liquid,” 2009, Swanson, Brakke, Breen, CADA© 2009 CAD Solutions, LLC

Best New CAD Idea, CAD Conference VX Corporation, June 2009, CAD ’09. Best Presentation

“Temporal Computational Objects: An Approach for Dynamic Shape Generation,” 2008, Swanson, Brakke, Breen, CADA© 2008 CAD Solutions, LLC

Kurt has had a career in aerospace having developed large complex aerospace platform— V22 Osprey, CH47 Chinook, F22(Raptor), B2 (Spirit). Principal investigator, DARPA and AFWAL projects.

Most recently, Kurt’s career efforts are: USAF, US Army and Canadian Armed Forces, proposals to create simulators and train airman over the next decade.

Kurt has authored many FAA certification publications for critical avionic components.

Kurt cofounded Kapsul, a consumer products company with national scope, and operates several other businesses.

Kurt is developing a strategic plan under the moniker “Evolver” as a platform of future homoeomorphic design that rivals biomorphic design in breadth and scope. The goal is to expand the realm of design to organic forms and enable their use in everyday objects, including biomimetic organs or synthetic biomimetic structures, and to provide broad computational design solutions using the emergent complex properties of a network of uniform cells having quasi-physical properties.

Project: Evolver-Wolfram Language Intersection