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Carlos Eduardo Vidal Villeda

Science and Technology

Class of 2022


Carlos Eduardo Vidal Villeda is currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in mechatronics engineering at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. In 2019 he participated in “The science behind the technology design: a human information science approach,” collaborating in the development of a data acquisition system with the aim of predicting emotional patterns in human beings. In 2020, he was holder of the Scholarship Fellow in Santander–BEDU–Disruptive Innovation: Data Science, and he developed data analysis looking for the relationship between domestic violence and the pandemic caused by COVID-19 using MySQL, R and Python. In 2021, he started working on an initiative for a video game that will detect bullying or cyberbullying in elementary- and early-high-school children in Mexico. He collaborated with AT&T Foundry in the development of the first prototype. At his university, he is president of Robociety, a student association focused on participating in national and international robotics competitions. He participated in the development of a home automation project for the purpose of water-consumption awareness. This project is made up of three parts. The first one is a system that monitors and alerts on water consumption levels, the second one is a system that monitors the storage and usage of rainwater and the last one is the lighting control system.

Project: 2D simulator for differential robots in The Wolfram Language