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Silas Grossberndt

Fundamental Physics Track

Class of 2021


Silas is a current PhD student studying theoretical particle physics at CUNY. Silas holds a bachelor’s degree in physics and mathematics from Columbia University, and he previously worked for CERN as a researcher on ATLAS, ThorLabs as a test engineer in the Quantum Electronics Division and the US Patent Office as a patent examiner for AI. He is an alumnus of the Wolfram Summer School, attending in 2019 and working on a project to automatically check test answers for equivalent forms. Silas’s research interests lie in QCD, specifically high energy analytical solutions and connecting them through mathematical refinement and computational assistance to experimental energy regimes. Silas is also interested in newly arising mathematics in such connections, both goals that the Wolfram Physics Project could seriously aid in. In his spare time, Silas enjoys cooking, baking, running, climbing, playing the violin and brewing interesting (wild yeast, blueberry and elderflower; habenero and strawberry; chocolate and kiwi; raspberry birch; etc.) meads.

Project: Towards Causal Invariance Proofs in the Wolfram Physics Project

CausalMultiwaySystem showing homotopic paths that lead to trivial fundamental groupoids