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Rahul Sharma

Science and Technology

Class of 2021


Rahul is a student at the Indian Institute for Science Education and Research, Bhopal, pursuing his BS-MS degree. He will graduate in 2023. His major is chemistry, and he plans to do his master’s thesis in some computational chemistry domain. He is also working on a minor in data science and engineering due to his growing interest and experience in machine learning and neural networks. He firmly believes that these technologies will be an integral part of any scientific/non-scientific work. He wishes to pursue a career in research/academia. He also has interest in physics/math. In addition, he loves tinkering around on his computer and the internet. His other primary interests are, in their respective order, reading books/comics, playing video games, traveling, meeting people and playing guitar/bass.

Project: FuncNets: Exploring Neural Networks for Mathematical Function Evaluation

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