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David Chester

Fundamental Physics Track

Class of 2021


David is a physicist at Quantum Gravity Research in Topanga, California. He received his PhD from UCLA while studying how Yang–Mills scattering and radiation amplitude solutions are related to gravitational solutions. These techniques allow for perturbative quantum gravity as a QFT. David is also interested in metric-affine gravity, octonionic membrane models, thermoelectricity and hydrodynamics. Additionally, he helped find superalgebras up to infinite spacetime dimensions with few time dimensions, which led to an 11-brane worldvolume description of M-theory. David has recently been working on quasicrystalline membrane models and the dual gauge theory interpretation of phonon and phason defects.

Project: Towards Discretizing Metric-Affine Gravity via Elastic Hypergraphs

Parallel transport around a wedge disclination leads to curvature via a rotation of the tangent vector.