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Ben Jacobsohn

Science and Technology

Class of 2021


After studying incremental changes in cellular automata during the Wolfram Summer School of 2019, Ben Jacobsohn hopes to use those ideas to develop new methods of machine learning. Ben is primarily interested in the development of human-like artificial intelligence, but he also enjoys studying the general phenomenon of complexity and the necessary elements to produce it. His hobbies include tinkering with electronics and 3D printing, reading both fiction and nonfiction, and playing jazz saxophone. Ben also competes in the game Super Smash Bros. Melee and enjoys other games including chess and Go. All of these games give him the satisfaction of learning about and understanding both systems and people, while also providing the thrill of competition. Ben likes to dream big and hopes to continue looking at problems from unique angles to find novel and compelling results.

Project: Confluence in Multiway Cellular Automata

Multiway State Evolution for Cellular Automaton Rule 110