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Sathvik Ajay (Iyengar)

Science and Technology

Class of 2020


Sathvik is an incoming PhD student in materials science and nano-engineering at Rice University. His research interests are in the field of 2D materials, and he has an undergraduate background in materials science and nanotechnology. As a research enthusiast, he has spent the past four years of his undergrad working on a mix of applied nanomaterials in sensors at IIT Madras, India. During 2018–2019, he did a part of his undergraduate study at MIT and worked on 2D materials for membranes in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. It was back then, during a computational course, that he was introduced to the Wolfram Language, and he has been using it to expand his coding skills and in his experimental research ever since. Sathvik spends his free time playing classical Indian music on the violin and learning Japanese. He also spends his spare time on his cat—she’s high maintenance!

Project: Neural Networks for Software-Interface Molecular Vibration Data