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Farai Fredric Mlambo

Educational Innovation

Class of 2020


Dr. Farai Mlambo received a bachelor of commerce (economics and statistics) with cum laude (distinction) from Nelson Mandela University (Port Elizabeth, South Africa) in 2012, where he also received a bachelor of commerce honors (mathematical statistics) with cum laude in 2013, a master of commerce (statistics) with cum laude in 2015 and a PhD (mathematical statistics) in 2019. Farai received about 10 academic excellence awards (including the Nelson Mandela University best honors degree in science, engineering and technology) during his studies and his PhD mathematical statistics research (wavelet theory for business and financial cycles), where all computations were done in Wolfram Mathematica, received the Best Paper Award at the European Modelling and Simulation Conference (ESM2019) held in Spain. Farai used Wolfram Mathematica for all his statistical computations during his research as a student and continues to use Mathematica for his research as an academic. Farai is an academic within the School of Statistics and Actuarial Science at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. Before this appointment, Farai was employed as a statistical analyst at Fever Tree Finance; an institutional researcher and lecturer for the Office of the Vice-Chancellor and the Department of Statistics at Nelson Mandela University, respectively; and the deputy-director of statistics at the Cultural Observatory in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Project: A Computational Introduction to Statistical Modelling