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Wolfram Summer School


Christopher Schultz

Science and Technology

Class of 2020


Chris has a master’s degree in computer science from Georgia Tech and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Florida State. After almost a decade in product R&D labs coming up with product-based solutions to industry problems (and loving it), he is now looking to share the ability to create and explore with as wide an audience as possible. Today his core focus is on giving anyone with an idea intuitive access to professional-level computer-aided design and engineering software. As a firm believer in the notion that everyone should be able to enjoy the fruits of human knowledge, Wolfram Research (and the Wolfram Summer School) was a logical connection to make, given the emphasis on bending technology to the human, rather than the other way around.

Project: Estimating 3D Object Rotations from 2D Images

Wolfram Summer School | Champaign, IL, USA | July 3 29–July 22, 2022