Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

Wolfram Summer School


Carlos Rafael Garduño Acolt

Fundamental Physics Track

Class of 2020


Rafael is pursuing a BA in natural and computational sciences at Minerva Schools at Keck Graduate Institute. He is profoundly passionate about science, and his interests range from nanotechnology and theoretical physics to evolutionary biology and ecology. After spending a semester interning at the Laboratory of Environmental Engineering at Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea, he is excited to dive into the Wolfram models and language and to learn as much as possible about the universe, reality and the way we study and comprehend it. Rafael believes you cannot ever be “too curious” and is deeply concerned about making science diverse and available for everyone, which has led him to start and work on science communication and education projects in San Francisco and Mexico. When he is not working or studying, you can find him going for walks, taking pictures, listening to music and thinking!

Project: Hunting for Black Holes