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Pierre Boisselier

Science and Technology

Class of 2019


Pierre Boisselier is an undergraduate student at Université de Bordeaux studying Computer Science. He started programming at a young age and kept experimenting with new technologies, doing various projects for himself and to help at his local library. He recently developed an interest in Machine Learning and High Performance Computing. In the future, Pierre would like to do kernel development and has already started looking into it as well as low-level computing. In his free time, Pierre likes to ride his bike, take care of his fountain pens and tinker with anything ending up in his hands.

Computational Essay: Tinkering with CRC

Project: Find Frequently-Used-With Wolfram Language Functions


The goal of this project is to identify the most frequently used functions with a given function. This information would enable the creation of a better suggestion system in the documentation.

Summary of Results

The first part of the project was based on retrieving a lot of example inputs from the Wolfram Language documentation in order to build an initial dataset. Then, two correlation measures were tested on the dataset, one that counts all functions that appear and one that counts only functions that are arguments of another one. Both yield different results with pros and cons to each.

Future Work

There is a lot of room for improvements, for example a better parser to prevent overly common functions from appearing, a more sophisticated graph analysis and an optimization of the parsing process to have faster results.