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Wolfram Summer School


Eugene Shin

Educational Computational X

Class of 2019


Hee-Young Shin has been teaching at Wright State University (Dayton, Ohio) since 2013, after receiving his PhD in economics at New School for Social Research (New York). His main teaching and research area has been in both Macro and Monetary Economic issues, but he is also interested in broadening his teaching experiences in mathematical economics, history of economic thought, and development economics. The Wolfram Summer School progam will give him an important chance to acquire a body of Mathematica commanding knowledge with which he can motivate and engage his students in the classroom.

Computational Essay: The Keynesian Aggregate Demand (AD) models with Mathematica

Project: Creating Interactive Macroeconomic Models with Mathematica


The goal of this project is to create a series of interactive macroeconomic models using Mathematica, which will be used in many principle-level economic courses in order to help motivate our students’ learning experiences in economics.

Summary of Results

The project is completed with the following outcomes: (1) an interactive Keynesian aggregate demand model; (2) an interactive ISLM model; and (3) some experiences with data management using Mathematica.

Future Work

The next steps are to show how we can estimate the realistic (range of) values of parameters based upon historical data for the US and to modify the models in a dynamic setting by introducing difference/differential equations.