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Dhruv Thanawala

Technology and Innovation

Class of 2018


Dhruv Thanawala is studying for a master of science in applied mathematics at Michigan Technological University. He has a bachelor of engineering in chemical engineering from the University of Mumbai, India. His love of mathematics and programming has inspired him to change his field of study. He likes to learn different programming languages, and he loves to make algorithms.

Computational Essay

Evaluating the Value of π »

Project: Visual Representation of the Operations of List Commands


The goal of the project is to create a function that gives an output image of a visual representation of the operations of List commands, e.g. if we reverse the list of characters, then the output image should indicate the reverse output with arrows.

Main Results in Detail

I assign every element of the list with a distinct color. Then I convert the input and output into an image using the Rasterize function. After that, I use the ImageValuePosition function to get the position of the particular color. Then by using graphics, I draw the arrow from the location of the input element toward the output element.

Future Work

Make it more general so it can work up to many numbers of elements. Animated images will be another good visualization option.