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Thiago Bergamaschi

Science and Technology

Class of 2018


Thiago Bergamaschi is an undergraduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he is pursuing degrees in theoretical physics and electrical engineering and computer sciences. Currently, his academic interests include statistical mechanics, data science and algorithms. He enjoys football, surfing, chess and Brazilian music. He sees the Summer School as an opportunity to further learn and apply the Wolfram Language to his interests, and meet a lot of inspiring people.

Computational Essay

The Hexagonal Lattice Ising Model »

Project: Min-Heap Implementation


The goal of this project is to simulate and study the approximate optimal packing of many 2D disks of two different radii, through an event-driven Lubachevsky–Stillinger algorithm.

Main Results in Detail

  • 1. Implementation of the ED-LS algorithm and simulation of various approximate jammed packs.
  • 2. Implementation of an augmented min-heap data structure and design of an amortized O(log n) ExtractMin operation.

Future Work

Analysis and investigation of the simulated packs, including studying pair correlation functions. Further tuning precision and efficiency of the algorithm implementation in Mathematica.