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Aghil Abed Zadeh

Science and Technology

Class of 2018


Aghil Abed Zadeh is a physics PhD candidate at Duke University. He started programming as a high-school student, and at the same time followed his passions in physics and math. He finished his BSc in physics with highest honors. In his undergraduate years, he also won third prize at the International Mathematics Competition in Bulgaria, and ranked third in the ACM ICPC programming contest at the Tehran regional. His current research interest is understanding nonlinear dynamics of complex systems, such as earthquakes.

Computational Essay

Earthquakes and Gutenberg–Richter Law »

Project: A Discourse Language for Card Games


This project aims at constructing a platform to define any card game for Mathematica and further process, play and analyze the game.

Main Results in Detail

We have implemented a simple structure to introduce game state, perform actions on the game state based on defined rules, play and visualize the game automatically and construct the game tree of possible moves. The definition of a game has four main parts: game state, actions, rules and goals. By constructing an initial game state and selecting a list of rules, a game can be visualized and played randomly or the game tree can be constructed. Furthermore, there exist tools to analyze the game statistically.

Future Work

The project can be generalized to a broader class of games and can be used to train a neural net for finding game strategies.