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Silvani Vejar

Educational Innovation

Class of 2017


Silvani Vejar is a biomedical engineer with a passion for teaching, especially working with diverse and underserved students. Silvani holds a bachelor’s in electrical engineering and a master’s in biomedical engineering and biotechnology. She teaches a variety of math courses as part of the Foundation Year program at Northeastern University in Boston and is a vocal advocate for STEM education with experience in curriculum development and collaboration.

Born and raised in Ecuador, Silvani understands the challenges facing minorities, immigrants, women and nontraditional students in the engineering field. She feels strongly that her support system and fabulous mentors have made all the difference in her pursuits and successes, and she hopes to provide that kind of inspiration and support to her students. Silvani is committed to finding new ways to help underperforming students to achieve and is always learning and employing new methods and tools.

Computational Essay

Exploring Correlation in Statistics »

Project: Learning Statistics Using the Wolfram Language

Goal of the project:

The majority of my students are underrepresented minorities who have a great desire to learn, but oftentimes lack the academic preparation to be successful in college-level courses. The goal of my project is to create lessons that can improve students’ learning experiences and outcomes, while also being conducive to learning new content and skills by using the Wolfram Language as a tool to do data analysis and explore topics of interest in different subject areas. The particular focus of my summer project is on revamping an introductory statistics course.

Summary of work:

For this project, I created lessons on random sampling, binomial distributions, correlation and linear regression.

Results and future work:

After the Wolfram Summer School, I plan on polishing my lessons, and I will continue working on creating new material that I can use in my classroom and share with peers.

Wolfram Summer School | Champaign, IL, USA | July 3 29–July 22, 2022