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Emilio Andres Vázquez

Technology and Innovation

Class of 2017


Emilio Vázquez is from San Luis Potosi, México. He currently lives in Chicago where he is a freshman student majoring in engineering physics. He loves science and projects that have a greater social impact. This is why he is currently volunteering at the Field Museum where he explains to visitors and local students the fascinating ideas that science has to offer.

Computational Essay

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Project: Truss Diagram Analyzer

Goal of the project:

Create a program that is able to extract information out of truss digram structures and output the physical parameters.

Summary of work:

The development of this program can be split into two parts: the visual processing and the physical quantities calculations. For the first part, the development of a reliable image filtering process was necessary in order to extract the graph data structure out of an image. For the second part, an algorithm that calculates the n-number of forces of the truss system was implemented.

Results and future work:

A future objective for this project is to improve the image processing technique in order to generalize more complicated truss diagram structures.