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Ethan Truelove

Technology and Innovation

Class of 2017


Ethan Truelove is currently a first-year undergraduate at the University of Chicago after primary and secondary education in Dallas, Texas. His interest lies in the realm of data science, and he completed an internship at the University of Chicago’s Computation Institute over the summer of 2015, working on the entire collection of Wikipedia in an attempt to determine Wikipedia’s reliability based off of journal citations. Outside of academics, Ethan enjoys cycling, as well as attending concerts and anything else music related.

Computational Essay

Euclidean Vector Introduction »

Project: Wikipedia Articles on Computational Fields

Goal of the project:

Analyze Wikipedia articles on computational fields.

Summary of work:

He looked at how articles determined to be about a given computational field (e.g. computational physics, computational biology, etc.) connected with one another in terms of links, as well as how they differed in terms of edits made.

Results and future work:

There were 100 articles determined to be “computational.” Of those, 74 referenced, or were referenced by, at least one other article in the set. Looking at the number of total revisions on an article compared to its number of unique editors, most articles followed a linear trend of more revisions with more editors, with just a couple of articles having too many or too few revisions for its given editor count. When looking at revisions over time, nearly all articles either had most edits within 1–2 months of creation or followed no substantial trend. Immediate future work would involve using the communities found and merging them with the various bar graphs to see if certain subgroups of computational articles have any pattern in edit counts over time.