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Prahasi Kacham

Technology and Innovation

Class of 2017


Prahasi Kacham is currently a master’s student studying computer science at Nova Southeastern University. She completed her undergraduate work there in IT and graduated in May 2016. She was the Wolfram Technical Student Ambassador for her school and was excited to attend the Wolfram Summer School. She has a passion for front-end and back-end development and has an interest in robotics and mobile development. Prahasi has completed multiple programming projects using different languages and has a variety of skills. In her free time, she likes to play competitive Ultimate Frisbee and loves to try new types of coffee.

Computational Essay

Web Development »

Project: Analyzing Ultimate Frisbee Statistics

Goal of the project:

The goal of this project is to submit raw Ultimate Frisbee data to the Wolfram Data Repository and also analyze different Ultimate Frisbee statistics. The plots shown below show the best comparison for all players from teams that were a part of the AUDL 2017 season.

Summary of work:

  1. Practiced visualization and curating data into a dataset by using raw data from “Spacial Statistics to Evaluate Player Contribution in Ultimate.”
  2. Submitted raw Ultimate Frisbee data from UltiAnalytics “Analyze Your Team” to the Wolfram Data Repository.
  3. Visualized various statistics from UltiAnalytics, specifically comparing stats from the AUDL teams from the 2017 season. UltiAnalytics is a mobile (iOS and Android) app and website for tracking statistics for your ultimate team(s). Users create one or more teams in the mobile app and gather stats as the game is in progress. The user can upload the statistics to their team website (provided) at any time. The app also features a Twitter interface that allows the user to “auto-tweet” game events as they happen.
  4. Practiced creating graphics to show how Ultimate Frisbee is played and to help explain the game concept.

Results and future work:

Create a microsite that visualizes team statistics, submit additional raw Ultimate Frisbee data, create simulation of throwing the disc and create simulation of an actual game.

Wolfram Summer School | Champaign, IL, USA | July 3 29–July 22, 2022