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Andrey Grabovskiy

Science and Technology

Class of 2017


Andrey Grabovskiy got his PhD in theoretical physics at the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics in 2010. Now he does research at the Budker Institute and teaches at Novosibirsk State University. His research has been mainly devoted to QCD at high energies and evolution equations in QCD. Currently he works on jet and meson diffractive photoproduction cross-sections for HERA and LHC. He is also interested in quark-gluon plasma, cosmology and remormgroup. In his work, Andrey uses Mathematica for algebraic manipulation, analytic integration and the numerical solution of differential equations. Now he is eager to understand machine learning, its relation to theoretical physics and Mathematica tools in this area. Andrey likes yoga, swimming and traveling, and he is fascinated by the acceleration of science development and progress in our understanding of the world.

Computational Essay

3 Jet Fraction in the Cross Section for e+ e -> Hadrons »

Project: Construction and Study of the Ground State in the Generalized Ising Model

Goal of the project:

The goal of the project is to understand what kind of ground states are realized for a generalized Ising model with a given set of energy weights.

Summary of work:

  1. Starting from random distribution states with local minimal energy, Monte Carlo and cellular automaton techniques were obtained.
  2. An exhaustive search for small field sizes was done.

Results and future work:

Fields with an even number of states have regular symmetric ground states, while fields with an odd number of spins may have irregular ground states with high degeneracy.