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Christopher DeFiglia

Science and Technology

Class of 2017


Christopher DeFiglia is currently pursuing a degree in statistics and analytics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Last summer he worked in enumerative combinatorics at Marshall University, and over the past school year he worked at the UNC JFL. He is currently the project head for Carolina GO app data analysis. He spends most of his free time in used bookstores and going to live music shows.

Computational Essay

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Project: Identification and Graph Structure of Rivers

Goal of the project:

The goal of the project was to identify rivers on maps and satellite images, and to calculate each river’s graph structure.

Summary of work:

We implemented a function that uses street maps to highlight bodies of water on satellite images. We also implemented a function to calculate the graph structure of the rivers at any given location.

Results and future work:

We would like to implement a random river generation function and identify rivers from satellite photos using a neural network. To improve the quality of highlighting/graphs, we would like to remove signs from street maps using a feature in Mathematica 11.2.

Wolfram Summer School | Champaign, IL, USA | July 3 29–July 22, 2022