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Daniele Baschieri

Science and Technology

Class of 2017


After finishing his bachelor’s degree in computer science at the University of Bologna, Daniele continued his studies with an MSc in computer science in the networks and systems field. Alongside his standard study path, he focused his studies on artificial intelligence, machine learning and constraint-solving programming. Daniele loves developing web applications that can be useful to people; his passion is creating new things and solving complex problems.

In his free time, Daniele is a scout chief. He likes hiking, camping and exploring nature and the world. He also loves Netflix, good books and long sessions of Dungeons & Dragons.

Computational Essay

Gossip Algorithms over Different Network Topologies »

Project: Complete the Wolfram Expression

Goal of the project:

Design an interactive browser game in which you can improve your skill with the Wolfram Language. Starting from a topic of interest, the system will show you a Wolfram expression with a missing part to complete, with both the difficulty and fun growing with each level.

Summary of work:

Developing a web application based on Wolfram technology and focusing on exploring safe examples for the game in a dynamic self-configuring context. The application is ready for public deployment, but with such a vast number of examples, more tests are required to verify the stability of this alpha release.

Results and future work:

The application is now available in alpha stage here. The next step is releasing it on the Wolfram Cloud and making it available for everyone. The gamification aspect of the application is really minimal right now, but in the future it could be useful to add badges and karma points in order to increase the fun. Adding a multiple-choice answer option in the easy mode to balance the difficulty would also be an option.