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Liv Helen Våge

Science and Technology

Class of 2016


Liv Helen Våge studies physics at University College London. Some of her interests include fusion and quantum computing, and she would like to pursue a PhD in physics after her undergraduate studies. She is passionate about charity work and has been heavily involved with the Red Cross for years. She also enjoys kayaking, scuba diving and traveling.

Project: Reading Time from Pictures of Analogue Clocks

The aim of this project is to read the time from pictures of analogue clocks. The project might be useful for young children trying to learn to read an analogue clock. More importantly, the network could easily be extended to any similar one- to three-handed gauge. This might make it easier to read a gauge accurately. It would also enable easy recording of gauge data.

Favorite 3-Color 2D Totalistic Cellular Automaton

Rule 562102068

This automata shows quite complex behavior. The automata does not repeat for at least the first 350 steps, probably longer, judging by the boundaries. If we just consider the middle section from the y direction in the first figure, it does not repeat for at least the first 550 steps. Most individual steps show regularity, however. The 3D figure also shows some regularity. Thus regularities in two dimensions build up in an irregular way to form a somewhat regular structure.