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Maik Meusel

Educational Innovation

Class of 2016


Maik Meusel is a PhD candidate in quantitative business administration. His research interests include principal-agent models, mechanism design and computational economics.

Maik received an MA in economics from the University of Zurich and a BSc in economics from the Humboldt University of Berlin. During and between his studies, he worked as a strategy consultant.

Project: DynamicFormFunction

Currently almost all online assessments only use standard question types like multiple choice, which are usually answered by clicking radio buttons or checkboxes. Restricting how questions are asked quite often results in non-intuitive, contrived exams that hardly reflect the true objectives of learning.

The Wolfram Language offers extensive opportunities to create various question types using sophisticated controls to give an answer. However, in most cases it is essential to have dynamic content in the question body, e.g. the ability to get immediate results of calculations before submitting the answer. Using FormFunction is the most convenient way to create questions in the Wolfram Language, but it doesn’t allow dynamic content to be used as a form.

Therefore, my project aims to extend FormFunction for the purpose of creating sophisticated question types for online assessments.

I will create a function, DynamicFormFunction, that combines the functionality of DynamicModule with the capabilities of submitting and storing answers from FormFunction.

DynamicFormFunction[{x,y,…},expr,func], with symbols {x,y,…} is used within a dynamic expression expr, while func is able to retrieve the current values of {x,y,…} as the answer given once the user submits the form.