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Anshul Jain

Technology and Innovation

Class of 2016


Anshul is currently a freshman, pursuing BE computer science and engineering at BITS Pilani, India. His interests include artificial intelligence, cryptography and robotics. He is an automobile enthusiast and is currently working on using portable electroencephalograms to make driving safer. He is greatly influenced by the work of Richard Feynman.

In his free time, Anshul enjoys reading novels, playing cricket and trekking.

Project: Integrating GNU Radio with Mathematica

The main aim of the project is to use Mathematica to interpret the radio waves captured by SDR sets by using various filters available in the Mathematica library.

Software-defined radios (SDR) have both civil and military applications. A NooElec R820T SDR will be used for the project. Mathematica will perform signal processing, and OsmoSDR will be used to receive data out of digital streams or even to push data, which can be transmitted using the SDR.

The computer would act as the digital signal processor and read the data. Then, using OsmoSDR, the stream of data would be transformed into the required sounds. The bandpass filter built in Mathematica would be used to tune into various radio stations.


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