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Alex Goodman

Technology and Innovation

Class of 2016


I have spent my entire life taking apart and putting back together electronics. I have built countless computers and programmed several applications that I made to make my computer use easier. I have attended Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is arguably the best high school on the West Coast. I am currently attending the University of Nevada, Reno, studying to get my bachelor’s of engineering and a degree in computer science.

Project: Converting CT Scans to 3D Models

The medical field is advancing faster than ever. Because of this, patients are being left in the dark. My project eliminates that problem with the ability to upload a stack of images from a CT scan and, within a few seconds, be able to view the object in a 3D, interactive unit. There are also functions that allow patients to apply filters to their scans in real time to see through the skin, or even isolate specific body parts. With this application, patients will be able to actually understand their diagnoses and conditions, without having to just take the doctor’s word for it. They will be able to see it for themselves—not only giving them peace of mind but also allowing them to visualize their own bodies and learn about them.